1. I had that same watermelon beer last weekend! I’ve actually been to the 21st amendment brewery in SF where they make it. If you order it in the restaurant, they serve it with a big slice of watermelon on the glass.

  2. After having the Bourbon Barrel Stout at a beer festival earlier this year, I am totally OBSESSED. Too bad it’s so expensive 🙁

    P.S. I’m really enjoying reading your blog so far–it’s fun to follow along with someone who is starting a blog at the same time as I am!

  3. 21st Amendment is an SF brewery 🙂 If you’re ever here you should go by their spot before the Giant’s games – $4 cans!

    I also love that new watermelon beer they sell. When you get it on draft, it has a watermelon piece on the edge of your glass.

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