Fiesta of Friends


As promised, here’s a recap of my last night in DC. You can read the events leading up to this evening here.

While Lizzie and I showered in preparation for the evening festivities, I cracked open the 21st Amendment Watermelon  Beer.

I think I must have had really high expectations for this beer because I was disappointed with the first sip. Since it’s a wheat beer, I expected it to be thick like some of the other wheat beers I love (i.e. Hoegaarden, Leinenkugel), but it was actually more like the consistently of bud light with a punch of that artificial watermelon taste. However, as I continued to drink it, the taste definitely grew on me and I’d say I enjoyed the beer overall.  I think it’s probably a lot better on draft, especially with that slice of watermelon a few readers mentioned.

Lizzie and I also remembered the cookie sandwich we had purchased earlier and decided to sample it. It did not disappoint. We were both speechless as the combination of peanut butter, ganache, and moist buttery cookie was simply brilliant.


After getting ready and eating dessert before dinner, we met a big group of friends at Cactus Cantina for a fiesta.  The chips were pretty typical but the salsa was thick and smoky, almost like a new Orleans style gumbo.

Although I prefer beer and wine to liquor, I always order margaritas at Mexican restaurants because it just feels more festive!  I like mine on the rocks with no salt.

After all the hors d’oeuvres we had at Lizzie’s house, I wasn’t super hungry for dinner, so I split a big salad of chicken, black beans, corn, and cheese with my friend Brooke. This salad  totally exceeded my expectations because the peanut dressing was awesome and paired surprisingly well with the Mexican inspired flavors.

When my salad arrived, I also ordered a Dos Equis Amber –it’s my favorite Mexican beer.


Friends since elementary school!


After dinner, the group headed out to a bar in Dupont Circle where we hit the dance floor till closing. I switched to water once we got to the bar; I can handle being tired, but I don’t do hangovers.


‘Twas a blast hanging out with these ladies!

My college friends and I got back to Lizzie’s apartment around 3:30 for a group sleepover.  I would have liked to get to bed a bit earlier, but I don’t get to see these girls too often, so the extra time together was worth being tired today.  I’ll also add that we enjoyed the cupcake from Fancy Cakes by Leslie right before bed. Let’s just say the icing may be ranked on my top five best buttercreams list.

This morning, we went to a french country kitchen for breakfast.  There was a whole case of breakfast pastries and croissants, but after an indulgent weekend, I decided to go with the oatmeal with strawberries.  It was a perfect breakfast.

Lizzie drove me to the airport in pouring rain (Thanks Lizzie!) and then my flight was delayed by 2.5 hours.  I had an apple and a Glo Bar (leftover from the summit) on the plane  to tide me over.  Now I’m finally back in Boston after a looong week. I’m so happy to be home:) I just ate an herb turkey and muenster cheese sandwich, pretzel thins and hummus, and apples with peanut butter for dinner.  I love eating my own groceries after so much dining out!  Despite being away from home this week (which could be considered vacation), I didn’t do a whole lot of relaxing.  Thus, the plan for the week is to relax a bit, babysit, and start to get organized for my internship!  Just three short weeks of summer left.