Girls Day




Yesterday got off to a late start, but we still managed to fit quite a bit into the day.  My friend Lizzie and I started the morning off with a walk around Bethesda.  We grabbed coffees at a cute shop and split a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin that I brought from Great Harvest.  This cake in a store window caught my eye immediately; I’m obsessed with fancy cakes (and buttercream!) so Lizzie suggested we get a little something.



We picked out a vanilla cupcake and then we noticed these giant cookie sandwiches.  Lizzie and I are both obsessed with peanut butter and when we realized these were stuffed with both peanut butter AND ganache we just looked at each other and knew we had to have one for later.

After our walk, we managed to fit in a quick 30 minutes in Lizzie’s apartment gym (I ellipticalled while she ran) and then we picked up our friends and headed to the pool at Lizzie’s country club!

The pool and grounds were beautiful and it was so nice to relax and the girls.

Lizzie’s parents kindly invited us over for a homemade happy hour.  They prepared a spread of chips and guac, cheeses and crackers and fruit.  Everything was wonderful and they were so sweet to have us over.

Lizzie’s mom even made us daiquiris!!!!  I rarely order these, so I enjoyed every last sip.

We headed home for showers and spotted this license plate on the drive…made me think of my Mom (Buzz)!!  I’ve got to get to the airport, so I’ll be back with a recap of the rest of my trip when I get to Boston. Bye!

  • Mom
    August 22, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Looks so fun! Lovely of Lizzie’s parents. Cakes and cupcakes and cookies look delish. Love the Buzz shout out. Thanks!