1. I agree with you that it shouldn’t matter if you drink or not and people shouldn’t judge you either way when you go out. Personally I generally opt not to drink very often and I frequently feel judged by others who are drinking. I much prefer to just hang out and talk with people without feeling the need or pressure to drink.

  2. Jen

    I can totally relate to this! As you enter college there is the whole “must drink to get drunk” phase but now that I’m 25 and completely past that wild and ridiculous stage I really just enjoy socializing and chatting with friends over wine, beer or cocktails. At this point in my life it is more about learning and enjoying different types of drinks (I mean for my boyfriend and I it’s kind of a fun hobby for us) as a way to bond with friends. In no way does that make me a drunkard — just makes me a mid-twenties and still fun 🙂

  3. I’ve never been a huge drinker, but I love wine and mixed drinks. I did take some heat for this in college so I would often drink when I didn’t want to. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realize that I don’t care what others think so if I don’t feel like drinking I won’t. I’d rather enjoy a nice glass of wine then get really drunk anyway. It’s weird how it changes from just trying to get drunk to actually enjoying what you’re drinking! I think it is much better that way.

  4. Amy

    I don’t think people should be judged if they don’t drink (or do drink). My boyfriend and I don’t drink at all and we’re in our mid-twenties. All of our friends though seem to go out and get completely hammered and we’re the only sober ones there making it no fun for us, so we’ve found that we just don’t go out with them anymore. I’m tired of being hassled when I order a soda or water when I go to the bar, I wish my friends understood so we could all hang out again.

    • Kaci Higgins

      I’m the same exact way! I’m 22 and never had a drop of alcohol. My family has a history of alcohol and substance abuse so I made the decision years ago to never touch the stuff. It is because of this that I don’t “go out” or go to college parties. My boyfriend lives in a house full of dudes who want to play beer pong every night (even school nights with 8am classes the next day of course) so I never really stick around there at night. It’s just not fun and to be honest kind of sad because people sometimes change for the worse when drinking. Just keep true to who you are. 🙂

  5. Maeve

    AMEN LAURA! I just graduated, and this summer have been going out with friends who still have their senior years of college left. The night is not considered a success unless they are drunk enough to black out, getting wasted is the goal. I have noticed a significant difference in how I approach a night out in bars compared to them. Like you, I love to have a drink or two, but unless it’s a really special occasion like a birthday or something, that is really enough for me. I’d rather wake up the next day feeling fresh, if tired. This has been kind of a sore subject lately with my friends…I’m kind of looking forward to when they go back to college and I can be an adult without feeling judged.

  6. Lady, I totally hear this. My perfect night involves a fun bar with my favorite people (girls and guys), a couple of glasses of wine and an interesting appetizer. Right now, half of my girlfriends are at that stage, and the others really aren’t. To enjoy spending times with the ones who aren’t, I either go out early to see them, or I schedule brunches/lunch/dinner instead.

  7. Sydney

    I am experiencing this issue on 2 levels currently, one being 24 and never having been a big drinker but being even less interested in going out and getting drunk but people still commenting on my not drinking when we’re out. It’s a personal choice that is better for my body, my wallet, and for everyone I drive home haha. Although I definitely have a glass of wine or two when I enjoy a nice dinner out- I just usually go home afterwards! The worst commentor on this habit is my boyfriend’s younger brother who just graduated from college, hasn’t started his full time job, and definitely has that idea that the amount of what you drink speaks to the success of your evening. He is constantly lamenting on our “lameness” and I keep telling him to just wait and see if he can keep up his drinking/staying out late habits when he’s got to be at work at 8. it’s a frustrating issue to say the least. quality over quantity both in alcohol and company is always better! that was a long rant but I just know what you mean. love the blog by the way… spending time catching up.

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