1. I love simple dinners, especially after an indulgent weekend. Your steamed tilapia, green beans, and couscous look like the perfect Monday night dinner to me!

    I’m not a huge veggie fan either but I also hate letting food go bad so I force myself to buy vegetables and know that I’ll make myself eat them before I’ll throw them out. Works for me!

  2. Great blog concept. I read your sister’s blog and am her age but I am little bit more on your page. I am at a place where I live it up everyday, not drinking-wise, although that is an element at tomes, but just having fun. I often think people think I am too old to have fun but I love to celebrate life every single day.

    I also think you would like this article…and possibly my blog. It’s nice to know others feel the same about their 20’s.

  3. Brooke

    haha Laura I can’t stop giggling this morning about the women with the tin foil pouches from the 90’s!! Also, great recap of the weekend. It was so great to see you! Move to DC!!! It’s the perfect mix of everything!

    • Oh I’m glad you remember the commercials, because Matt didn’t know what I was referring to. It was great to see you too…I might not be able to move to DC anytime soon, but I’ll work on moving closer to you!

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