1. melissa

    Would you do a post on your work out and food ( favorite foods, go to recipes, etc)? It would be great to see how you strive for balance with a busy schedule. I know a lot of people of people could relate, and I could use some tips as a busy twenty something as well 🙂

    • Hi!

      I’ll def. try and do a post on this soon, although I’ll probably wait until I start my internship; I actually have a lot of free time now and I’m not sure how my workouts and cooking will be affected when I start working, packing lunches, ect. Right now, I’m able to make it to the gym 5 or 6 days a week and I usually alternate between 30-45 mins. of spinning, stair climber, elliptical, or short runs and 15 mins. of weight lifting (mostly for arms). As for cooking, I use a lot of recipes from cooking light and from my sister’s website (www.katheats.com) and try to do meal planning for the week on Sat or Sun. Hope that helps for now!

      Thanks from the comment!

  2. It was a GORGEOUS day today!

    Next time you’re at the Pru Farmer’s Market check out Samira’s hummus and baba ganoush… both are delicious and make locally. The company usually has a tent set up on Thursdays.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with those beautiful peppers!

  3. what a great day! Omg I just went to Vienna in July and I fell in LOVE! I wanted to move there!

    What channel is Passport on? I have never seen that show but I LOVE travel shows. And thanks for your comment on my blog <3

  4. Sara

    Ooohh – “special trip” = honeymoon!?!? Maybe a wedding is in your near future?! 🙂 Come on Matt, pop the question!! We need to see wedding pics on the blog. haha.

    • special trip does equal a honeymoon:) Although I hope a wedding will be in my future one day, it’s def. not in the near future…

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