1. I love the exposed brick in your bedroom – very Bostonian.

    That’s great that you like the new family! I miss babysitting. Maybe I’ll quit my day job and become a professional nanny ;).

    I have to try Berry Freeze in Coolidge Corner. I like BerryLine near Fenway, but they don’t have a fruit bar – which seems essential for a great fro yo place.

    It really was a gorgeous day today. I’m so ready for fall, and I’m not looking forward to this 90 degree weather that is forecasted for the next few days. Especially b/c I’m headed back to work in a school without air conditioning. Blech.

    We live on BU’s campus, so for the past few days our street has been super busy with undergrads moving in. ‘Tis the time of year I suppose.

    • Thanks! I’ve never tried BerryLine, but have heard great things.

      I think I’m going to have the opposite problem in my school as its always freezing inside… Enjoy your last few days of summer before returning to work:)

  2. Valerie

    What’s the name of that froyo place? I’ve been dying for some self-serve up here in Boston!

  3. I’m with Lauren – the exposed brick in the bedroom is fabulous.

    Jealous that you have a fro-yo place nearby. I’m pretty sure that the only ones we have in Minneapolis are downtown. I may have to plan a trek for that one.

  4. I found your blog through Kath’s a few days ago, and have been visiting every now and then. I just saw your posts from the last couple of days, and had to say that I think you have such a beautiful bedroom! 🙂 I love the exposed brick wall and how the room still looks warm and cozy.

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