1. We should totally come up for a trip this fall before the bakery opens. I want that beer in that setting.

    And you look good in those skinny jeans!

  2. Dad

    You know that Mom and I went to Quebec and then Montreal when we were about your ages. I remember more details about that vacation than most we’ve taken since. Have you discovered that you can legally drink on the streets? When we were there there was inexpensive artwork for sale in all the alleys and squares. The Frontenac was out of our reach so we stayed at an “ultra modern” hotel with a lot of sleek wood in those days.

    • Fun! We did see some really cool artwork, but I actually didn’t know you could drink on the streets. That might be a good activity for today…

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Laura! I’m curious…did you guys happen to travel north on Route 93 through the White Mountains? Some of those highway pics look just like the area. Hubs and I are from Jersey but practically live up in the White Mountains. We’re here now, actually!

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