1. I was so bummed to realize summer is pretty much over and I haven’t gone out to throw a softball once! Next year I’m definitely joining a league.

    Have you ever tried the restaurant Giacomo’s Ristorante? WOOOONDERFUL food! Not sure about their beers (if they have any), but you definitely have to try the food at least once and walk around the neighborhoods after.

  2. Cambridge Common sounds great – I will have to try it out soon. I’m also going to hunt down that Southern Tier Pumpking, because I was also let down this weekend with a sub-par pumpkin beer

    Good luck today!

    • Mom

      Well if you girls would come home and go with us to the NC State Fair, your father would buy you each a big old fried pickle and probably treat you to a book of ride tickets too!

  3. So, totally random but I have been catching up on your blog (I read your sisters) I was wondering if your friend played at the armory in Somerville on Highland Ave? I grew up right behind it 🙂 and it *looks* like it from your photo!

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