My second day at my internship was a little bit boring as we spent the whole day purging old files and rearranging the current ones. I have multiple paper cuts. I also got to clean out a back room and make it into a more usable space, which was a fun project. I love cleansing/rearranging/organization projects, especially the end result of these kinds of projects. All of the interns were working so hard that we had to be reminded to take a break for lunch. I enjoyed my meal in the lovely courtyard of the high school and got a kick out of watching all of the students and their dramatic interactions.


Today was almond butter + banana and grapes along with a Brown Cow greek yogurt with blueberry Kashi flakes. I’m not sure if this Kashi cereal is new or what, but I’m loving it! Although, I do enjoy my ham and cheese melts, I’m trying to pack a variety of things for lunch to keep it interesting. Since learning how to prepare and plan on-the-go lunches that are healthy, portable, and still exciting is an essential part of the transition into the work force, I’ll document lunches at least for a few weeks. I’m sure you all will get tired of reading about lunches pretty quickly, so please let me know when you’ve seen enough:)

After work, I got brave enough to try a cardio + scultping class at my gym. Although I like to dance in a bar/club setting, I am NOT coordinated and do not learn new moves quickly, so the idea of doing anything dance-related in broad daylight in a room full of people was quite daunting. I’d love to say I went and was confident and kept up with the instructor, but it was pretty much how I expected it to be. I liked the class and will probably go back, but I basically had to avoid looking in the mirror at all costs because I looked so ridiculous. I was better at the sculpting part and enjoyed feeling the burn…

After class, I quickly showered because I had a fun event to go to. My friend Lauren (check out her new running blog) and one of her friends decided to start a girls book club. I wasn’t able to read the book because I’ve been so busy the last two weeks, but I still attended the meeting because it was an excuse to indulge in friends, food, and fun during the week. Lauren prepared an awesome spread of appetizers (and some of the other attendees brought food as well)…





Lauren also provided wine and this bottle was awesome!


I had two smallish glasses.


The main event was a KERF creation: goat cheese and chicken sausage pasta bake.


It’s one of my favorites and it’s always delicious.


I obviously enjoyed one of my brownies for dessert.


‘Twas a great evening filled with laughter and some interesting discussion about friendship (a main theme in the book).

Wednesday mornings are going to begin quite early as I have to go in early to leave work by 2 for babysitting. The good news is that I have nothing on the agenda after babysitting except for making a fun dinner.


  • Lauren @
    September 15, 2010 at 7:19 am

    Fun Night! Thanks for coming!!

  • Judy
    September 15, 2010 at 8:43 am

    I had to laugh at the description of the excercise class and not looking in the mirror because you looked so rediculous… I have that same problem with getting into sync with everyone else…I tend to shy away tho, I give you a big thumbs up for wanting to back and try…
    Have a great day…

    • Laura
      September 15, 2010 at 10:00 pm