Hello and Goodnight


Back to work I go. This weekend was quite fun and relaxing, but going to work sure feels productive. After all, I am essentially volunteering 1200 hours of my life to helping teenagers, which is a worthwhile use of a year in my twenties, right?


Today flew by as we basically sat in meetings absorbing information all day long. Our only break was taken for a quick lunch.


I enjoyed leftover carrots over a salad and a ham + laughing cow flax wrap with an unpictured apple. I came home from my internship with ten new counseling cases; I’ve got people to see, I must get organized!

After work, I had a successful run on the treadmill, although I’ve been burping ever since.

I had class tonight, so a dinner for one was consumed on the couch promptly at 6. I was inspired by Saturday’s fish tacos and used the leftover mahi with salsa verde and pepperjack to create a very tasty reproduction. That’s a pear, walnut, and goat cheese salad on the side.



Dessert was a sample(s) of a baking experiment that was semi-successful. I’ll share it with you tomorrow…g2g watch Gossip Girl. Night!

  • earlytwenties
    September 21, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Ooh, the counseling sounds really interesting. I think if I wasn’t pursuing my current career, I’d definitely become a psychologist. I hope everything goes well, and I can’t wait to hear more about it!