1. I’m very impressed that people eat pancakes during the week. I consider them to be “weekend treats”, but maybe it’s because I’m the one who makes them and I usually don’t have time in the morning?!

    • These are pretty quick to make and they’re pretty healthy as well. But, I prob wouldn’t have time to make them during the week if Matt didn’t insist on having them:)

  2. I had similar stomach pains last year and my doctor told me to eliminate dairy completely from my diet (no cheese, what???) and it turns out my stomach pains were actually related to stress and not a food allergy. So do a trial run and then bring dairy back into your diet and see what happens. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for your comment! So after your re-introduced dairy you felt better or do you still get sick when stressed? The weird thing about my problem is that it’s been getting progressively worse over three years and often flares up when I have NO stress in my life (aka over the summer).

      • I didn’t feel sick after I started adding dairy back into my diet. But my stomach pains tended to be worse during the school year and not the summer. And I think some of my stomach issues were related to other hormonal things going on which I later got checked out. So keep a record of your symptoms because stomach issues can be related to a million things. I (literally) feel your pain!

  3. I had a similar experience as Lindsey; after taking a lactose test ((shudders)); and eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet; I realized my stomach ailments were all stress related! I happily returned to eating wheat and dairy. I still can’t handle too much dairy at a sitting; but I think that might be true of most people? Good luck!

  4. Jenny

    Hi there – stumbled over here from kath’s blog!
    The other thing my gastro doctor told me to try (after a colonscopy ruled out chron’s) was cutting out high fructose corn syrup (also known as glucose-fructose syrup in Canada).
    Apparently it can really agitate sensitive stomachs. Its was in a lot of things I was eating and I didn’t even know it. Granola bars, salad dressing, breads etc. Cutting it out has helped me tremendiously – may want to ask your doctor about that?
    Like the blog! Hope you figure out what works for you!

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for reading and thanks for the advice:) I already try not to buy anything with high fructose corn syrup and now I’ve found out everything has soybean oil too, so I’m just avoiding over-processed foods in general. I wish food ingredients weren’t getting so weird! Hopefully, I know more after the allergy testing…

  5. I was told by Gastro Dr. that I have “IBS” which can be so many different things. It’s horrible to have stomach issues, I feel your pain. I have a Colonoscopy in December to see if there is anything going on there (I really hope not) and then we’ll go from there.

    Tonight I made the mistake of eating a slice of pizza. It could the bread, the dairy or the spices but I’m feeling yucky! Good Luck with your issues. I’ll be keeping up with you.

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