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Put A Lid On It, Will Ya?

Posted on Oct 3, 2010 | 9 comments

Yesterday, Matt came home with this:


He found it right around the corner at our local liquor store!!! But, because we’ve had Pumking a lot lately, we decided to save it and have these instead:


The Octoberfest was awesome, but in a kind of generic way. The pumpkin ale, on the other hand, is going up there on my list because it was on the stronger side (how I like them) and a little spicy. Matt and I split these and they went down faster than water. I think we were anxious to depart for dinner because last night was THE night.


The night for what, you ask? Oh, just the night for the infamous cashew-chicken-cranberry-pumpkin risotto. The picture above was taken on the bridge to Southie. Yes, Matt and I chose to walk the hour to South Boston because we like getting exercise in fresh fall air:)


Amrhein’s is a romantic steak house with an old-timely feel. We only discovered Amrhein’s because I was reading¬†Tina’s blog when she first tried the pumpkin risotto last year.


Oh tender, fluffy pieces of dough, how I love to dip you into a pool of garlic and olive oil and devour you.


Matt and I both knew what we had ahead of us, so we split a salad to get some greens in our systems. Matt really wanted the steak salad (being at a steak house and all) and he made the right call because this was delish.


And then, she arrived. Let’s all just take a moment to admire this beauty.


I’ll remind you again that this is cranberries, cashews, chunks of chicken, spinach, and a boat load of cheese all baked inside of a sugar pumpkin. This is serious stuff; it required 5 lactase enzymes.


This risotto makes my heart flutter. It was just as heavenly as I remember.


We worked slow and steady for a while, and then Matt announced that we needed to put a lid on it and take a break. Even after round two, we still didn’t finish the whole pumpkin and took a few dollops home. After dinner, I went straight to bed with a smile on my face and the happiest stomach on the earth.



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  1. Nicole (Please Don't Weigh Me at the Zoo)

    Holy delicious-looking food. I want to come to Boston just for that!

    Had Pumpking for the first time last night. It was SO good, but I had it on an empty stomach. That 9% ABV will get you. ;)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Sara @ myfancytuna.blogspot.com

    That looks heavenly! And what wonderful presentation!!

  3. Kat

    OMFG. When you mentioned pumpkin risotto, I did NOT expect you to be eating it out of the actual pumpkin body – that’s hysterical and TOO delicious looking for words!

  4. Jennifer

    Holy cow, that looks amazing!! What a great presentation, too.

  5. kath

    WOW. I hope they still have that when I visit. We have to learn to make them!!!

  6. Mom

    I am hopping on a plane right now! Dying to try the pumpkin!

  7. Amanda


    I live in Boston and have been searching for Pumking EVERYWHERE– where did you find it? I’ve tried a lot of delicious pumpkin beers, but have only found the Pumking faaar outside of Boston. Suggestions on where to find this to enjoy on this awesome fall weekend??

  8. Anne @ Your Kind of Salad

    OMG! I had that last year; I MUST get to Amhriens STAT! And to that liquor store on Huntington; good find Matt!

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