Slow Down Seasons


I was in a surprisingly good mood today…I think I’m starting to get very excited about my visitors this weekend! There’s nothing too exciting to report from my internship, but I did take Jon to soccer today. I can’t believe how quickly the scenery changed from this:

soccer practice.jpg

To this:IMAG0104.jpg

The sky is gloomy, the leaves are changing, and there are far less kiddos on the playground.

I was huddled in my coat on the bleachers and was frozen after an hour.


After babysitting, Matt and I went to the big(er) Trader Joe’s in Coolidge Corner to get supplies for this weekend’s party. Man, I love planning gatherings!

Dinner was a mexican fiesta created with our usual saffron rice base plus smoky peach salsa, back beans, avocado, banana peppers, and tomato tortilla chips for dipping.


Maybe it was because we didn’t eat until 8:30 or maybe it was because we haven’t had this in a while, but it was awesome. I kept telling Matt it was the best thing we’ve had (at home) in weeks!

Tomorrow’s going to busy, as I agreed to babysit after work, and I have to do a deep clean of my apartment for my guests. Hope you guys are having a good week:)