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    I think it’s always hard to come back to a work week after such a fun weekend. I’m with you..but tomorrow’s hump day!

  2. It’s tough to feel motivated in this kind of weather. What happened to the crisp, clear weather of fall ?!

    I’m generally with you when it comes to canned soups, but Pacific (and Trader Joe’s) boxed soups are great in a pinch. They’re usually a bit too salty for my taste, so I try to hunt down low-sodium varieties. The Thai Sweet Potato sounds yummy!

    LOVE Masa :). Fun drinks, delicious food, and a cool atmosphere.

  3. I always speak too soon. I workout once and say I’m back in my groove and then the next day I eat 10 pancakes and sit on my sofa all night. It’s hard to get a schedule going when you have so many things going at once, so I just accept the fact that I’m in school and work full time, so I’ll fit working out in where I can.

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