1. I have to say I definitely want the cool fall weather back! That being said, your point about the foliage is absolutely valid: my husband and I are going out to the Berkshires (Stockbridge/Monument Mountain) this weekend, and hopefully the warmer weather has encouraged the leaves to hold out for a little bit longer ;). Which mountains are you going to?

    • I’m headed to Lennox…is that in the Bershires? It will be my first time to western mass, so let me know of any fun hikes or things to do. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Hey I just found your blog…and went back and re-read a bunch of old posts 🙂 I was wondering which probiotic your doctor recommended? I was on antibiotics awhile back and my stomach hasn’t been right ever since. I picked up a couple different brands at Whole Foods, but I’d love to hear what a professional thinks is the best!

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