1. Hmm, I can’t guess, but I love, love, LOVE the last outfit! May I ask where you found the pants? It’s the wide leg variety, right?

  2. I love all five outfits, but I especially love three and four!! You always look so classy and put together – I’m so jealous!! 😉

  3. Erin

    I really love all your outfits! I’m completely style-challenged.
    My guess would be #3 simply because I go with the fewest pieces to put on/button when running late. But you look so put together!

  4. Mom

    I pick Number One because that’s what I would have worn in the seventies, when I was the same age as Laura is now. But my girls never seem to want to hear, “That’s what I would have worn thirty years ago!”

  5. I agree, you look great in all pics. I never would’ve noticed the wet hair if Kath hadn’t pointed it out! My hair automatically gets pulled back when I’m late 🙂

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