1. Glad to hear that you got good news from your test results! One of my nieces found out in the last year that she had food allergies/sensitivities and her family has had to adjust. It is hard especially when she comes to visit and I don’t know what she can and cannot have.

    I feel like the beginning of the weeks are getting longer but by the end of the week it feels like it has flown by. Maybe once I am out of school that will change 🙂

  2. Yay for no food allergies! I went through a period of stomach ails early in college, but was only afflicted by symptoms for a year or so. Perhaps you will “grow out” of your current symptoms? Here’s to hoping so.

    I’m so excited that we educators get a day off tomorrow! Just have to get through this one 🙂

  3. Judy

    Stumped about your stomach trouble. I would have have a hard time giving up cheese also. Have a great night, and yes the nights seem to go on forever since the time change for me.

  4. Lactose intolerance would be terrible, but it’s great that chocolate is back in your life!! It seems like lactose intolerant people can still eat cheese, though, for the most part – I remember learning in my food class that most lactose in cheese changes to other compounds during the aging process…but I could be blowing steam here 😉

  5. Good news of the stomach stuff! It could just be a combination of stress and a slight intolerance for certain foods. I know if I eat too much cheese my stomach is not happy. It could also be hormonal changes with your body? Just some ideas.

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