1. Fun beer tasting! I need to start looking into tastings out here… although Wellesley is a dry town, so I’ll need to look into Newton or Natick.

    In terms of hair coloring, here are my two cents: I honestly think your hair is gorgeous, and doesn’t need a thing! I’m biased, though, because I’ve never colored my hair. I tend to go the more natural route when it comes to beauty products, and the thought of drenching my hair in chemicals totally turns me off. I say keep your natural (beautiful!) golden locks the way they are :).

  2. Be still my heart, another girl beer drinker!!!! I could not be more excited. Why isn’t there a girl’s beer blog with multiple writers?! I want to brew my own beers. I dream of flavors all the time. Blood orange medium brown ale. Lavender light beer. Tart cranberry stout!

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