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The Squash is Back

Posted on Nov 15, 2010 | 7 comments

I was warned this would happen: ecto ate my post.  I’m trying to stay positive and I’m writing this post for the second time today.

Monday was nice.  This weekend was my college’s homecoming and this morning I realized that the one positive thing about not attending (this was the first time I didn’t go) was that I didn’t have to suffer through the withdrawal that usually results after a weekend back on campus.  I’m typically in a bad mood for at least a week after spending time with friends and pretending to be a college student again.

I didn’t do too much at work today.  We had a speaker this AM and I made a few last minute edits to my case study before handing it in.  Two down, four to go!!!!

This morning, we also celebrated two birthdays at my internship, so I baked!

Remember that squash I had tons of and had to freeze?  Well, a while ago, a blog reader suggested that I sub it for pumpkin in a recipe that she had used for pumpkin bread.
Great recipe (thanks Laura!)!.  This was a hit with the other interns and I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. I followed it to a t except that I used brown sugar instead of white sugar  for half of the total sugar the recipe called for.  I also added chocolate chips to half of the loaf.
I made a few muffins for Matt as well and they were quite nice.


I have a meeting and class back-to-back tonight, which means I’ll probably be having pb and jelly for dinner.  I am ok with this because I love anything involving peanut butter, but it’s not very photogenic, so I’ll share my packaged TJ’s indian dinner because it was delish.


Black lentils and kidney beans in a spicy sauce with rice and naan….this was probably one of the best pre-made sauces/vegetarian meals I’ve had.  I’m two for two with this brand, so I’ll probably try the spinach meal next.

Lunch and dinner are going to be a bit of a challenge this week because I’m doing the full dairy elimination (versus taking the easy way out with the lactase enzymes) just so the allergist can completely rule out lactose intolerance.
Time is flying…I must go catch it!


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  1. Laura

    Chocolate chips are almost always a good addition :) Glad the recipe worked out well!

  2. Kath

    THere are TONS of lactose free recipes! Try my Figgy Wild Rice and Mushroom Stuffing! It’s vegan if you leave out the butter.

  3. Kath

    Or, go pay a visit to Peasandthankyou.com. MamaPea’s recipes are all vegan. So are Oh She Glow’s! Just pretend you’re a vegan for a week – and add in meat/eggs/fish as desired.

  4. Kristina

    I have admittedly not read all of your posts about your stomach problems so I may be commenting on something that you have already discussed, but I did see one post that mentioned burping most of the day. I have a similar problem and it is related to my gallbladder not being able to process fatty foods. Good Luck.

  5. Lindsey Morningstar

    Yum! Something about this time of year puts me in a total baking mood too.

  6. Meri @ Meri Goes Round

    Argh! I’m screaming at my computer for your lost post. That’s not such a happy feeling :(

    I started reading your blog because I have a similar career path/similar age/ etc and wanted to see what you have to say. I enjoy reading it!


  7. earlytwenties

    I’m thinking about going to TJ’s and stocking up on a bunch of frozen dinners. I’ve never gotten them there before, but some nights when I get home from work, I just craaave a good meal that I can pop in the microwave.

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