More Potato Pillows

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I made the last-minute decision to cook chili yesterday after stumbling upon an awesome recipe for sweet potato black bean chili at the I had a jumbo sweet potato just dying to be used before the break, so I diced him and cranked up the slow cooker. I followed the Fitnessista’s recipe exactly, except I used chicken broth rather than veggie broth because that’s all I had.


I was skeptical of the favor at first, because this seemed soo simple, but after simmering for 6 hours, I was very impressed with the result. Yall know I love sweet potato pillows, so this was right up my alley.


‘Twas extra tasty with sharp cheddar and tortilla chips.


The goal for dinner tonight is to use up the food that’s left in the house. Unfortunately, this probably means rice with all of the veggies that I didn’t eat last week. I’ve also got a lot of packing to do, as I’m leaving directly after work for the airport. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we’re going to Matt’s house near Annapolis for Thanksgiving with a mini-road trip thrown in the middle. I tend to have trouble relaxing on trips to visit family because I always feel like I need participate in a lot of activities and see as many people as possible, so my goal is to actually relax at some point during the next four days. I also hope to keep blogging regularly, so I’ll see you tomorrow!