The pilgrims would be jealous


Thanksgiving at Matt’s was just dandy. After an hour stint at the local Gold’s gym, a beer tasting ensued.

IMG_2086.JPG IMG_2087.JPG IMG_2089.JPG

The Mad Elf Ale was BEER-tastic! It reminded me of a darker and less-sweet version of the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Definitely a new favorite. The other two beers were nothing to write home about and, honestly, the winter ales are all starting to blend together.

Meanwhile, Matt’s mom was hard at work, cooking a fabulous dinner.

I had planned on having a nut brown ale during cocktail hour, but after tasting this triple Belgian brew, I knew I had to have one to myself. This is also going on my new favorites list. It was sooo rich and tasted quite refreshing in contrast to all the dark beers I’ve been trying.
Dinner was served around seven by candlelight.


All the usual (and delicious) suspects made an appearance.







I had 3 smallish plates with a tasty Gewurtztraminer (in the middle) to compliment.

After a few hours of delightful conversation, I also savored two slices of good ole pumpkin pie.

I was surprisingly less full than I remember being in years past, but was still happy to put on sweat pants and climb into bed with a very content stomach (Thanks for an awesome meal, Candace!).
I’m currently blogging from the car yet again because we are on a quest to visit more family members. I’ll give you a hint: we can see mountains in the distance.
  • kristen
    November 27, 2010 at 8:55 am

    I like reading about women who like beer as much as I do 🙂 The brewery that makes Fin Du Monde has some other really great beers as well. I’m not sure how many of them make it across the border- but keep an eye out!

  • hundredforever
    November 27, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Totally off topic: I found your blog via your sister’s, and I love it! I will be graduating from college in about a week and it’s definitely a scary feeling, so I’m looking forward to perusing your blog when I’ve rid myself of essays and finals!