1. I’m always irrationally excited when I under-spend on groceries (not because I like to skimp…I don’t!). It makes me feel like I’ve been especially industrious or something of the ilk.

    • Nope…I just buy them at trader joes in the frozen section. I think they’re delicious and the only veggie burger I can find that doesn’t contain soy…

  2. Amanda

    not to sound too stalker-ish, but I was so excited that I saw you this morning on my way to work! And I’m only saying this in case you were wondering who the crazy girl was, taking triple/quadruple-takes of you! In fact I was so surprised I forgot to say hi (again, this sounds SO weird since I don’t know you, but I just live in Cambridge and work in Boston, so we just happened to cross paths this morning)

    • Lol…I didn’t even notice someone doing a double-take!! Do you make that commute every day? Maybe I’ll run into you again:)

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