Christmas Crossing


Yesterday started like any other Christmas morning.


Pancakes, banana + date & walnut bread, eggs, and fruit.

All served on Duke china in honor of Matt.

After breakfast, we opened the rest of the presents.

I got a jewelry tree from my mom…

and an awesome collection of rare spices from Williams Sonoma from Matt’s mom!

There seemed to be an emphasis on Duke and cooking this Christmas:) I also got FOUR scarves….good thing I love them!

After lunch, my family made the executive decision to pack Christmas dinner into coolers and pile into the car to beat the looming snow storm to Bald Head Island. We said goodbye to Matt’s parents, who also wanted to avoid the storm on their drive back to Maryland, and set out towards Wilmington. I’d like to note that in all the fury to pack and leave the house, I asked other family members if we had contacted the ferry to Bald Head to make sure it was running on schedule and was reassured that it had been taken care of.

After a nice nap in the Buick, we arrived in Wilmington around 6:15 only to find out that the LAST ferry of the day had departed at 6:( After about an hour spent on cell phones with water taxis drivers, inn keepers, and hotel representatives, my dad arranged for the owner of the Marsh Harbor Inn on Bald Head to take us across the sound on his personal fishing boat.

While we waited for the owner to arrive, we enjoyed Christmas dinner in the only establishment open in all of Wilmington: Firebelly’s.


A Sweet Josie Brown beer and a sign of relief later, mexican food was consumed by all.


Kath and I split the shrimp fajitas.



With bellies full of fire, we headed to the dock and loaded the boat with luggage and four days worth of food.

The crossing was cold, but beers kept us warm and the experience was exhilarating!

We’re safe and cozy in the Marsh Harbour Inn and we’re planning to read, relax, and eat for the next four days. We’re on island time now:)