The Beginning of the End


My family enjoyed one last cocktail hour by the fire yesterday.


We broke out the fancy fig brie and some salami that Kath & Kanz brought from Charlottesville.

We sampled the Squirr-ale.  That is Kanz’s original home brew  brought to Bald Head when the tradition began three years ago.
It tasted the same as I remembered, but it does show just how far Kanz’s beer-making skills have come since he began. I sure love having a brewer in the family…
and I sure love eating and drinking by the fire.
While I helped the cooks prepare dinner, I sipped on an old favorite: Menage a Trois. It was soo much sweeter than I remember!
We had a romaine, cranberry, + blue cheese salad,
with a wonderful clam pasta in a red vegetable sherry sauce.
I had a huge hunk of herb bread from Great Harvest, which was just divine. I went back for seconds of bread and pasta. My stomach has definitely stretched from this trip:/
My dad served Prosecco in honor of our last night and I had a small pour. Why is sparking wine so fun!? After dinner, we gathered for our now semi-annual book club discussion over a loaf of Great Harvest chocolate bread. I went to bed uncomfortably full yet again. I think it’s time to tone down the eating a bit because I’ve got one more destination on my trip and I’m flying there tomorrow….
Bye, bye Bald Head:(
  • Lacey @ Lake Life
    December 29, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    That brie looks amazing and the beer reminded me of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 🙂