Today was essentially the opposite of yesterday – I quickly knocked out the gym and came home and got sooo much accomplished! There’s been a pile of reject clothing in the corner of my room for a while and I finally got around to washing all the items so I can get rid of them! While I was on the project, I also cleaned out some other areas and ended up with three huge bags of old purses, shoes, and clothing. Now that I know what my future living space will be like (the closet space isn’t great, despite a lot of square footage), I want to try to cleanse some of my junk to avoid having to move it.

I also cleaned the bathroom, caught up on dishes + emails, and prepared for an IEP meeting in the morning.

And the best part of every night? dinner. (Well, aside from hanging out with the bf;)

He actually worked late today, so I made a simplistic dinner for one – roasted carrots + potatoes over rice with a leftover walnut-lentil burger.


Dolloped with bbq sauce, of course.


This burger was not very good re-heated. It was stiff and almost like a piece of stale bread:( I just piled on more sauce to make up for it…

I’m off to bed, friends,  and tomorrow’s the most exciting day of the week.