1. AshinMT

    I dont usually comment, but thought today i would say hello and that i’m loving your ring and the skirt/sweater combo. And also, that i wish i was heading out for drinks but its only 2pm here in Ole’Montana and im still sitting at my desk… working hard obviously, nonetheless im ready for some vino. Cheers!

  2. Allie

    beautiful ring! i have one similar that is a family heirloom. for a while i kept it in my drawer but then decided to wear it more regularly as a memory, and i smile when i look at it. you are much better at painting nails than I am!

    • Barbara


      This is Laura’s mom. You’re right to wear your heirlooms. I’ve spent too many years with jewelry in my dresser drawers!

    • Thanks! Yeah, sometimes I feel weird wearing such a big ring, bit it’s so fun wearing something that has been passed down and worn by others.

  3. Mary Frances

    That sure is a beautiful ring. I think with your skin tone pink nail polish would look great on you and would match your outfits for the week–except maybe the second one. Did you really try on 15 tops before you went with that one? 🙂 Just noticed all of the things next to you. Love ‘Fashion Friday’–gives lots of good ideas, and it is fun and inspiring.

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