On a Roll


Oh pint, I love you.


I started my weekend off on the right note with drinks with the girls in a cozy bar. I think I’ve mentioned before that Sam’s Boston Brick Red is one of my go-to local beers. I actually don’t think it’s sold outside of Boston.

I actually split this second beer with Lauren. It was a Harpoon UFO White, which I generally like, but not so much on a freezing cold winter day.
At this point in the evening I said goodbye to the girls and hello to the man. Matt suggested we grab a drink a Bukowski’s, a really gross hole in the wall (thus, the terrible picture) with a phenomenal beer selection. I ordered the Tap Swanny Boy Maple Porter and was happy as a lark – this one’s going on the page.
And just when I thought my night couldn’t get any better, Matt and I picked up a cajun shrimp pizza from Pizza Pier-er. The Pier-er offers multi-grain crust and they try to keep their sauces and toppings lower in calorie. This is one of the best pizzas around in my opinion!!! If you think the pizza looks a little strange in the picture it’s because I had to do some surgery to dispose of this little misunderstanding….
After dinner, Matt watched Inception and I say Matt because I was sound asleep about ten minutes in:( Oh well.
This morning I did more spinning. I finally feel like I’l back in the spinning groove again. I had another new instructor and I really like her emphasis on relaxation and visualization during the ride. The music was different too, in a good way. I spent the majority of my day at Starbucks working away on a case study. I was trying to get ahead of the game so that I wouldn’t have to work all of next weekend, and after putting a major dent in the task, I realized I actually have two more weekends until it’s due. Sweet.
Now it’s 6:20 on a Saturday and you know what that means…time for beer and food:) Ta-ta
  • Kath
    January 29, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    What a horrible misunderstanding that was!!

  • Mom
    January 30, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Both versions look excellent! Have a fun Sunday!