1. The only frozen fish I’ve bought at TJ’s was wild salmon, and I didn’t like it. I may have overcooked it though. :-/

    On weekends, I don’t know. I never get enough sleep, so on weekends I just want to stay in and watch a movie by the fire.

  2. Julie B

    Hey! I’m always so intrigued by the different beers you show on your blog! Do you know anywhere in Boston where you can “make your own” 6-pack/where to find some unique beers?


    • Hi!
      I know you can make your own 6 pack at Trader Joe’s (outside of the city limits…Coolidge Corner), but the selection isn’t always great. We get most of our beers at our local liquor (Huntington Wine and Sprits??) where you can buy just one beer from any six pack. Hope that helps!

  3. I’m really intrigued by that barley wine ale, but what do you mean by “sticky sweetness”? I’m not sure I’d ever describe a beer I’ve tried with those words so I’m curious. Is that the “wine” side of it talking?

    • I believe many barley wines have a high sugar content which leads to a thick, syrup-like consistency that seems sticky to me. This particular one was also on the sweet side compared to many of the bitter strong ales out there, and thus “sticky sweetness”! Thanks for the comment:)

  4. Jackie Smith

    You’re lucky, I don’t get Spring break until the week before Easter. March is going to be loooooong!

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