1. These are great ideas! I love packing “double lunch”. I have a question though, what advice do you have for someone with a nearly 2 hour commute to and from work each day… I feel like its just dead time…

    • Canadian

      Two hours in a car or two hours on a train/bus/subway?

      Car: podcasts (could be educational or inspirational ones), audiobooks, language learning stuff

      Transit: same as above, plus the following: read books/magazines, make to-do lists, meal planning, knitting or crochet, work on laptop/iPad/phone (I use ReadItLater to have stuff to read offline)

      Either way you can incorporate things related to your professional or personal goals.

      Another idea: recite poetry in your head; if religious, talk to God (if in car, make sure you are paying attention to traffic at the same time)

      It takes me an hour to get to work: about 10-15 minutes walking and the rest on the subway. I keep busy or I people-watch.

  2. All great ideas.
    My life is so busy, it’s ridiculous. I work 10.5 hrs/day, with a 30 min commute on either end. With a puppy and a boyfriend to attend to, when I get home. Not to mention, making dinner, packing lunch for the next day – and oh, possibly relaxing? Time? What time? I’m in the middle of trying to get uber organized, because I am GOING CRAZY!
    Great guest post, Kath.


  3. khar

    I agree. It’s hard to keep balance when a 40-hour work week is not a reality. A minimum work week for me is about 47 hours and that doesn’t include a 40-45 minute commute on each end. Plus, lunch breaks? I take a real lunch break about 2-3 times per year.

  4. Wow… it’s like the universe is aligning with all of these great posts today. Saving this one to read again and again for later!

  5. Are you Kath’s sister?! Neat. Great tips. Now, if only I actually did them…

    The problem with me is that I can’t get over just not liking my job period. I’m trying to realize I need to balance life and enjoy it more outside of work – but when you spend all your days and it and it stresses you…well, that’s really not any way to live…

  6. Sara

    Kath, I thought your comment about having your exercise done by 5pm so that your evenings are free to connect w/friends or relax at home is a great idea. My issue is that my brain just doesn’t seem to be awake enough so early in the morning in order to get in a good workout…maybe with time.

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