1. These are great ideas! I love packing “double lunch”. I have a question though, what advice do you have for someone with a nearly 2 hour commute to and from work each day… I feel like its just dead time…

    • Canadian

      Two hours in a car or two hours on a train/bus/subway?

      Car: podcasts (could be educational or inspirational ones), audiobooks, language learning stuff

      Transit: same as above, plus the following: read books/magazines, make to-do lists, meal planning, knitting or crochet, work on laptop/iPad/phone (I use ReadItLater to have stuff to read offline)

      Either way you can incorporate things related to your professional or personal goals.

      Another idea: recite poetry in your head; if religious, talk to God (if in car, make sure you are paying attention to traffic at the same time)

      It takes me an hour to get to work: about 10-15 minutes walking and the rest on the subway. I keep busy or I people-watch.

  2. All great ideas.
    My life is so busy, it’s ridiculous. I work 10.5 hrs/day, with a 30 min commute on either end. With a puppy and a boyfriend to attend to, when I get home. Not to mention, making dinner, packing lunch for the next day – and oh, possibly relaxing? Time? What time? I’m in the middle of trying to get uber organized, because I am GOING CRAZY!
    Great guest post, Kath.


  3. khar

    I agree. It’s hard to keep balance when a 40-hour work week is not a reality. A minimum work week for me is about 47 hours and that doesn’t include a 40-45 minute commute on each end. Plus, lunch breaks? I take a real lunch break about 2-3 times per year.

  4. Are you Kath’s sister?! Neat. Great tips. Now, if only I actually did them…

    The problem with me is that I can’t get over just not liking my job period. I’m trying to realize I need to balance life and enjoy it more outside of work – but when you spend all your days and it and it stresses you…well, that’s really not any way to live…

  5. Sara

    Kath, I thought your comment about having your exercise done by 5pm so that your evenings are free to connect w/friends or relax at home is a great idea. My issue is that my brain just doesn’t seem to be awake enough so early in the morning in order to get in a good workout…maybe with time.

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