1. My fav boxed back and cheese is Back to Nature’s Crazy Bugs. YUM. I stopped eating Kraft a long time ago and have been trying the various Annie’s and Back to Nature flavors, and that one is always the winner! Annie’s also makes a Peace Parmesan kind that is realllllly good.

  2. AshinMT

    We have tried the different Annie’s versions multiple times. We just cant get on board, so in our house we decided that since both of our parents fed us Kraft- that as seldom as we eat it, its fine for us too. Although, the whole wheat variety has zip difference from the regular. Dessert on weeknights is killing me. Im trying hard to kick the habit but, around eight pm my sweet tooth takes over. I have been most recently making us walk to the grocery (about ten minutes) and walk back to get dessert. Mmm. Cadberry Cream eggs….

    • You should try the Nature’s Path because I feel like it’s a good compromise between Annie’s and Kraft. My mom is obsessed with Cadbury eggs and we always had them in the house around Easter time!

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