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The World at 3:30

Posted on Apr 11, 2011 | 3 comments

Mmmm…70 degrees feels soooo good. I laced up the news shoes after work and went for my first run outside (in Boston) of the year. My shoes felt pretty good. Not fabulous, but solid enough that I think I’m going to keep them. Then run itself actually wasn’t too great, probably because I never run anymore and because I was still full from a massive luncheon we had at work today. Regardless of how my body felt, I really enjoyed just being out in the world on a pleasant afternoon. And so did the rest of Boston. People were sitting on benches, eating ice cream, drinking wine, laying out, jogging, and shopping…all at 3:30 on a weekday. I just can’t help but wonder what all those people do for a living that allows them to just hang out during typical working hours. Are they students, tourists, on their lunch break? Who knows, but I’ve got to figure out how to get my dream work schedule. Right now, I don’t think 8 to 3 is it…10 to 6 would be ideal:)

So, I mentioned yesterday that tonight was my last class. It was actually bittersweet because we had a meeting with the faculty, which kind of made me want to be a student again. But then again, I’m very ready to see what the next chapter of life has in store for me and having some cash should be fun. The warm weather and my last class left me with that exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach that something big is about to happen…

I packed a re-creation of Saturday’s Greek sandwich for dinner tonight, but I did want to share last night’s dinner plus drink with you because it was a good one. I made Kath’s coconut shrimp soup:


The shrimp were amazing (we splurged on fresh wild caught jumbos). The flavor of the coconut milk as the base was a really nice change of taste, seeing as I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with it before. I will say I got a little tired of the collard greens (sorry Kath), because we used an enormous head of greens and they dominated the soup.

We also opened a raspberry barleywine!!! I was pretty surprised at how fruity this was – I only expected to be able to taste a hint of raspberry. It was good in general, but definitely not what I’d expect from a barleywine. The main reason I like them is because they are so intense and sticky, and this one tasted like a fruity wheat beer gone stout, so I doubt I’d buy it again.
On, and there’s a cold front on its way, on its way:(
That is all.


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  1. kath

    Collards are soooooooo good!!!!!

  2. Kate

    the same thing happens in Chicago on a nice day and I always wondered the same thing (when I wasn’t working). so much fun to see everyone enjoying the beautiful weather!

  3. Vicky Sideropoulos

    You should try Berkshire Brewing Co’s Steel Rail Pale Ale… it is AMAZING

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