1. My dad is a chiropractor and my mom does massages at his office so I am a huge fan! I moved farther away from home in January and I miss the frequent massages that I got. I really enjoy the trigger point therapy (where they stay on one point to help relax the muscles). It hurts but once it is released it feels so much better!

  2. I’m either the type of person who can’t relax at all. I’ve been told a couple of times when I get massages that I “help” to much in moving my body around instead of letting them do all the work and that I need to get them more often in order to learn how to relax. I don’t have a problem with that suggestion! Trigger point therapy is really good for you in terms of knots, when the muscle starts to actually twitch on its own, the knot is releasing.

  3. Good post Laur-dites!

    I frequently have similar thoughts during a massage but I always force myself to fall back into the moment… it’s too easy to spend your time wishing for something else. A massage is too Zen to waste.

    And I had the **** beaten out of me once but I pretty much just endured it because I knew I’d feel great afterwards. Swedish massage is great at the time but deep-tissue always leaves a lasting impression.

  4. I’ve never had a real massage. Kind of sad but my reasons for not are because of all those thoughts you had! I have the same thoughts and questions. I just feel like my mind would be running in circles and I wouldn’t be relaxed.

  5. Mom

    I do love your train of thoughts. Reminds me of the other women in the Younger and Kiehne families.

  6. AshinMT

    This was funny as hell. I can totally relate because i can almost never just fully “relax” in situations like that. I assume it gets easier if you see the same masseuse each time? I have been tanning this winter to fight the SAD’s and its warm and nice, so you would think it would be relaxing- but mostly i just lay there for 7 minutes wondering when i will be able to get out and do something else…

  7. This post cracked me up! I absolutely love massages, it just took several years to finally relax into them. My train of thought is all over the place when I’m supposed to be “relaxing”. It’s the same thing in yoga, I start planning out my dinner for that night.

  8. Gas

    Yes he’s doing something special when he stops. It’s called a release and it’s the point of deep massage. It is unpleasant until the release is complete but after it’s complete balance is restored. After you touch about a thousand people you don’t think at all about feet or any other body part. You do think about what you feel under your fingers and how you can restore what you feel to balance.

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