Heavenly Cheese Weekend Recap


So, back to the weekend? Yes please!

IMG_4449.JPG IMG_4451.JPG    

Friday started with dinner and beer at Parish Cafe in Boston. Matt and I looove this place and Friday’s dinner was an example of why. I had an awesome Hazed and Infused and a special Berkshire Brewing Co. Pale ale that didn’t taste a bit like a pale ale. Both were lighter and thus went well with my enormous focaccia sandwich stuffed with portobellos, casa de roma cheese, and walnut-parsley pesto (with a white bean salad on the side).


After dinner, Matt and I were invited to a small gathering of Bostonians who will all be attending Fuqua next year. But what we thought would be a nice meet & greet with a beer or two, turned into a giant love fest with flowing wine and an AMAZING spread of gourmet cheeses.


After a couple of glasses of this perfect Malbec, I went to town on the cheeses.


I’m one of those people who only goes all out when the food is really high quality and these cheeses were well worth the stomach ache that I was left with Saturday morning. The host went to culinary school and knows how to pick ’em. My favorites were the creamy french cheese in the front (which I later finished), the ash goat cheese on the right, and the two Spanish cheeses paired with quince paste.


Matt and I ended up staying out till 2 (oops), but losing sleep was worth bonding with new friends!

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The late night made getting up on Saturday a bit rough, but we made it through with these breakfast quesadillas I dreamed up. Stuffed with bananas and peanut butter, cooked on a hot skillet, and topped with honey, jam, yogurt, and cereal crumbs, I’d say they were a success.


Saturday night was another extravagant night because we helped Lauren and Evan celebrate their recent engagement with more delicious drinks (including a keg of BBC beer!) and great food.


Despite being a little cheesed out, I had a tiny taste of cranberry goat and brie, but I mostly focused on shrimp, homemade calzones, and desserts.





Terry made sure there were no crumbs left on the floor.


Fun nights with friends are the best:)

  • Maura
    April 26, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Hey Laura- I’ve been following your sister for a while now so I thought I’d check out your blog too. Low and behold you are living in Boston at the moment & as a fellow Bostonian I love reading Boston blogs. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love that dress (skirt?) you are wearing in this post! Did you happen to get it locally? ~Maura

    • Laura
      April 26, 2011 at 10:31 am

      Well hello and thanks for reading!

      I got the skirt at H & M on Newbury in the fall..

  • lovecupcakesandrunning
    April 27, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Hmm, that cheese had me drooling on my ipad!