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Posted on May 6, 2011 | 16 comments

Today I’m graduating with a Master’s degree in Applied Educational Psychology and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in School Psychology. Normally, I would have been planning my outfit for weeks, but I don’t really have a choice today. I’ll be drowning in a polyester robe and a silly hat. Oh yeah, and a carolina blue hood….not my best color.

  Picture 7.png

But, today’s outfit is not really about looks – it’s about what the attire represents. Apparently, the master’s robe has subtle differences from the bachelors robe, such as oblong sleeves that are open at the wrists. And the hood lets others know what my future trade will be. Plus, the look was probably in style in 1500 when the academic dress was designed to be more comfortable for university men. I like comfortable.

No matter what I’m wearing today, I’ll definitely be celebrating in style:)


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  1. Dorothy

    Congratulations! I always felt silly in those grad robes, but especially the hat!

  2. Dee

    wow. major congrats girl!

  3. Anna


  4. Liz

    I like the Davidson pic!! Can’t wait to see pics from today!! Congratulations!! Love you!!

  5. Gina G

    Congratulations! :D

  6. Jenn

    Congrats!! My masters hood was mustard yellow. Also not my best color but it’s still an awesome accomplishment! Good job!

  7. bobbi

    YAY!!! CONGRATS!!!

  8. Matt

    Well the robe makes a helluva fashion friday!

    Sorry to miss everything – I think we’ll have to have a mock graduation at the next family vacation. Duckie will preside with Lillian as MC and Mary Hannah saying “pretty.”

  9. judy

    A big congratulations from Hillsborough! See you when you move back!

  10. Mary Frances

    Congratulations! Gram is so proud and loved seeing all the pictures. Have fun.

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