1. Jackie Smith

    You would love California! We skip all the icky seasons and keep the great ones!

    Welcome to the West coast!

  2. maria

    only in southern california are there no seasons….norcal still has seasons!! just much milder, prettier ones ; )

  3. There are PLENTY of seasons here! We have “May Grey” which leads into “June Gloom”. The Santa Ana wind season – that’s always a pain! And then wildfire season – that usually comes with the Santa Anas. Also, the rain/winter storm system season that brings mudslides…
    See, lots of fun here!
    But seriously, it’s pretty awesome right now. And I do love being able to enjoy running, biking, walking, hiking outside – pretty much year round!
    I’ve never had that crazy outdoorsy day of beach, mountains and desert, but I do love that I *could* if I really wanted to!

  4. Oh you would love California! It might even turn you into more of a wine lover than a beer drinker πŸ˜‰ I’m headed down to San Diego for a wedding this weekend too so maybe I’ll see you on the road!

  5. I would love to live in California, all that sun. I sooooo would not miss winter at all, canadian winters are awful.

    I travelled to Antigua for my own wedding, we eloped on a cliff over looking the ocean, a warm tropical breeze, it was so romantic!

  6. I live in Northern CA and am interested in leaving CA.

    I’ve never traveled very far for a wedding. I guess to San Louis Obispo, CA which was only about 4-5 hours away. haha. I love weddings and really want to go to another one!

  7. For me personally, I severely miss the seasons here in SoCal. Growing up in the midwest and living on the East Coast, my favorite season has always been fall and I love the first few snows of the season. While I don’t miss being so cold I can’t feel my nose and I love being able to walk to the Santa Monica beach on my lunch breaks, I miss the variety of seasons.

  8. Miranda

    Well, I live in one of the most temperate cities in Australia – our seasons consist of warm, hot, hotter, really hot, and then a couple of inconvenient months of ‘cold’. A really cold winter day here is 15 degrees (during the day) which is about 59F. It rarely, if ever, gets down to zero overnight (which is 32F). And I haven’t missed the cold ever since I moved here πŸ™‚

    I think you could wear yellow with your blonde hair! Maybe not bright yellow, but I really think you could get away with a lovely pale shade πŸ™‚

      • Miranda

        New Zealand… which is cold compared to Perth!!! But I also lived in North-Eastern Canada for a year, so that counts, right? I don’t miss the cold, but I do kind of miss snow. It’s just so pretty!

  9. You can wear yellow!!!! I have blonde hair and I love my yellow sundresses. The key is to let a little skin show – think halter neck or sleeveless with a v-neck.

  10. Allie

    i am blonde and wear yellow- i thought it looked okay. haha.

    i actually am very interested in your couch, and live very close to you (like a half mile probabaly). the problem is i don’t have a car as i live in the back bay, and most of my friends are in the city and don’t have cars either. let me see if i can find anyone-i really am interested!

    • Hey! You might be able to get one of those $20 vans for a day to move them and we’d be happy to help you figure it out. Let me know if you want to come take a look at them!

  11. Jamie

    I am very blonde like you and love wearing yellow! I used to think the same thing, that my hair and anything yellow i wore would just meld together…but i felt adventurous one day while shopping and never looked back! I’m actually really pleased about all the yellows that are in clothing stores right now

  12. Kate

    I had to read your list of thoughts with a laugh. They are just as random as my own tend to be. Especially a the height of excitement πŸ™‚

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