1. I cannot believe her dress ripped!!!!!! Although I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often. Was she revealed to everyone, or was it a small rip?

    Cake looks good to me!

    • it was a HUGE rip (the whole zipper), but she was outside doing pictures and was able to go straight to the bathroom.

  2. I LOVE amaretto sours!! They’re seriously my favorite drink.

    Wow, I don’t know what I’d do if my dress ripped, but I guess it’s a story to tell!

    That cake sounds really interesting. I’ve never heard of bananas in a wedding cake before. If I’d been there I’d totally eat your cast-off chocolate cake!

  3. Stephanie C

    That is totally Shutters!! This was one of the places I checked out for my wedding until I saw the price tag. But anything held there is automatically gorgeous. She picked great colours, too. Very classy!

  4. Miranda

    You know how you wrote about emotions the other day… well right now I am totally jealous of your weekend, it looks like you had an awesome time. I LOVE weddings!!! I also love bad, semi-drunk dancing. It’s so much better than when everyone is trying too hard.

    I only have one wedding coming up in the next few months, but I get to go to Bali for it!

  5. Bah! I can’t believe the ENTIRE zipper ripped! I probably would’ve freaked out. But then again, maybe not? I guess you don’t know your reaction until it actually happens to ya 😛

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