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Scramble n Toast

Posted on May 19, 2011 | 10 comments

Thanks for the interesting comments! I had fun reading them.

Today was a great average day – I was productive at work, my lunch was great, I got my sweat on at spinning, I bought fun songs on iTunes, and I have a new hair dryer! I kind of hate drying my hair in the morning, but after three days of cold, wet hair, I’m pretty excited for tomorrow morning.

And, I’m pretty excited for sun and the weekend. After two weekends of visitors and travel, I’m pumped to just sit around and enjoy Boston. So, I have a question for ya. It seems like ever since I shifted from the old fashion friday to the new version, people started losing interest (I’m making this assumption based on comments)….is this true? It won’t hurt my feelings if it is:)

Matt’s out to dinner tonight, so I scrambled around the kitchen looking for dinner and ended up with a scramble – of black beans, tomatoes, feta, and spinach.


With a side of hummus toast (I think the black beans made the eggs look weird). My this was unexpectedly filling.

I’m off to bed extra early to try and cure the zombie- California-time-change-hangover that’s been haunting me every morning this week. Night.


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  1. Megan S @ Gourmet or Go Home

    Laura (I always think of you as ‘Larbs’ because I found you through Kath’s blog so I’m not sure what most people call you:)I’ve been reading since you started but am not sure if I ever commented. I happened to LOVE fashion friday and seeing all the outfits. I have such a hard time dressing for work (I work in locked mental health so a bit different but still psychology) so it was fun to see the variety:) Either way though I like seeing the outfits whenever and think you’ve got great style! Keep em coming!

  2. Paige

    Yeah, I like the fashion friday as well! I just usually have nothing useful to say about it other than “cute!”

  3. AshinMT

    I too am a fan of the fashion Fridays. I think im confused about the versions though? Regardless, i just enjoy all fashion posts because you have great taste, and youre a “real” person. I often read fashion blogs that i love, but it isnt reasonable or relateable for me to purchase insanely expensive designer name stuff.

  4. mary

    I love fashion Fridays!! I was so excited to learn that you got a gap blouse you had been coveting on sale, because that meant I could find it on sale too!

  5. Suzanna

    Your blog, while entertaining to a point, seems to be a lot of whining! Get with the real world and realize 30-40 hour work weeks, long days, being tired (and not being able to nap to in the middle of the day) and going to weddings where the food may not be up to your “standards” are part of life!

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