1. Brandi

    Not to say anything bad about target because I shop there at least 3 times a week. I have two of their furniture pieces and they didn’t last long at all. They are not reliable unfortunately. World market is for sure a good place to look. Urban outfitters is always good too. They have fun stuff that you can count on! Good luck!

  2. Miranda

    You can get awesome stuff at second-hand stores, or Salvation Army stores. It often looks crap, but with a fresh coat of paint or nicely sanded back, they’re usually very good quality! Home decorating is so much fun 🙂

  3. movingonandout

    I have the bone colored one from west elm! It is a great table, looks good with a brown sofa and also a gray chair!

  4. I second the commentor above that World Market has some awesome finds… as do the locally owned consignment shops! Ikea is here in Charlotte and although i don’t like their actual pieces of furniture (too modern looking, not sure if it’ll hold up, etc…) they have GREAT organizational pieces and tools!

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