Taking Back My Twenties


Posted on Jun 6, 2011 | 5 comments

I spent my afternoon baking! I was in charge of dessert for an end-of-year party tomorrow night. I know I much prefer homemade dessert, so I figured everyone else would too.


I was kind of dreading coming home and dirtying up the kitchen, but as soon as I got started, I was reminded of how much I enjoy baking! Although, I do not do well around endless amounts of dough…

I mixed up the dough and then let it chill while I went to spinning. It was an hour-long class and it was really tough today…but felt good in the end.


I used a simple sugar cookie recipe from the Joy of Baking, and the end result was just how I like ‘em. Moist, thick, and nearly raw on the inside…


But they looked a little plain…


So I topped them with strawberry buttercream! This is the same buttercream I used when making Lauren’s Engagement Cake. Love this stuff!

I was a little sloppy with the bag, but I smoothed these over with a spoon after I was finished.


And of course, I sampled two. And then went back for another. Success.

I’m off to bed and I have back to back gatherings tomorrow! See ya.


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  1. itsybitsybrianna

    These look absolutely delicious
    Please stop by and say hi.

  2. Mom

    Will you bake those when you live in North Carolina (near me?)

  3. Kat

    Frosting things is not a “skill” that I have. I figure as long as it doesn’t all melt off or blend to the point of looking brown, I’ve achieved a victory of sorts.

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