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Today was looong, but for a very good reason!


I had an afternoon party to attend (to bid farewell to three employees who are retiring my from department at my internship) and then a final seminar dinner at which I turned in all of my paperwork for my national certification as a school psychologist.

The first party had lots of delicious food…


I had two tastes of white wines, and decided I’d rather have a beer. There’s something about an 80 degree day that just calls for beer.

An old favorite that I used to drink frequently when I lived in the south….


Dinner was catered by a local italian restaurant, but I didn’t catch the name…


I only had small tastes of the meat and eggplant lasagna because I had to save room for my real dinner. Both were tasty.


All afternoon, I had my eye on a strawberry shortcake from a fancy bakery. I was the first to cut the cake! It was pretty good, especially when I added more fresh berries.


Fun school psychology friends!


And for my second dinner, I had cheesy white wine chicken with rice and salad.


Oh, and my cookies for dessert. I think only four people had a cookie, so I had to encourage people to take some home. Even then, I still came home with ten more. But hey, I’m not complaining:)