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Posted on Jun 19, 2011 | 8 comments

WOW. I had one of the most memorable dining experiences last night. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to try some incredible Boston restaurants over the past three years and last night was in the top five best meals I’ve ever had (in Boston).

[Disclaimer – one of the themes of my blog is balance, and just so ya know, this next month is NOT going to be balanced since we’re hitting all our favorite restaurants before moving, celebrating Matt’s b-day, and then taking advantage of the extended time off with a 10 day vacation and a wedding. My life will probably be more more normal when (if?) I get a job:)]

Back to the story! So, we took a big load of donations to the Goodwill in Cambridge and figured we would hit another beer spot while we were in the neighborhood. Meadhall is a brand new beer mecca that Matt read about in Urban Daddy.

This is only HALF of the taps. Heaven.


I had a Rare Vos, a Belgian ale by Ommegang. It was a bit lighter in flavor compared to some of my favorite Belgians, but was very well rounded and still delicious.


Matt and I also split an Allagash Victor because it’s availability is very limited outside the area. It was brewed with red grapes and was thick and somewhat fruity. I loved that it was different and dry like wine.


I mentioned yesterday that we had a giftcard for a Back Bay restaurant called Post 390 that we got for Christmas from Kath’s MIL, Karen. I don’t comment on service very often (because I find it’s usually just average), but I was very impressed last night. I said something about how freezing the restaurant was, and three different people came to tell me that they had made adjustments. We also asked asked if we could be moved to a window and we were moved to an awesome seat right away.


We had a nice view of the city just as the sun was setting.


Matt and I split one of the signature cocktails in an attempt to save money – this was bourbon, muddled orange & mint, orange bitters, and lime juice. DIVINE.


I just had to try the sour cream biscuits with orange and jalapeno marmalade. Umm, fabulous flavor and texture and the marmalade was perfect.


And then I ordered a Maker’s and sour because I wanted more bourbon after the southern biscuits.

But what really knocked my socks off was the giant grilled salmon over baked beans with cole slaw, bbq sauce, and cornbread that I got as my entree. Simple yet brilliant.



The salmon was phenomenal by itself, but when I topped it with the bbq sauce and added a fork full of beans, the earth stopped turning. It was that good. My one and only complaint was that the cornbread was pretty dry and didn’t even compare to the biscuits.


Matt’s coffee rubbed (!!!) pork with blue cheese and strawberry rhubarb compote was equally delicious. What a creation.


Oh yeah, and Mike’s cake from the freezer for dessert. Need I say more?


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  1. Kath

    I want that bourbon drink!!!

    Your photos look …crisper? Larger?

  2. Kerry

    While I am very happy for you moving on to the next stage of your life in a new place, I have to say I’ll miss your Boston reviews. You’ve inspired me to go out more in the city and try new places. I never would have found Picco if it hadn’t been for you. Maybe when you have time you could put together a Best of Boston post? Congrats and best of luck with the move!

  3. Monique Gagnon

    I LOVE Post390!! and i have to agree that the service was amazing…

  4. kate

    i love the top/dress (?) that you’re wearing! where did you find it? the pattern is adorable!

  5. Amanda@RunningOnCoffee

    The Victory taps caught my eye!! I’ve had a couple beers by Allagash, they’re a good brewery too!

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