Fruity and Giddy


Happy Monday. I was just giddy last night with the thought that I didn’t have to get up and go to work today! I slept till 9 (!), worked hard on a cover letter all morning, and went to noon time spinning.

And the best part was coming home and being about to make whatever I felt like for lunch!


I made a big old salad with banana chips, cherries, strawberries, and blue cheese. So fresh and summery.


Plus this guy.


I usually make my own dressing, but, in an attempt to use up stuff in our refrigerator, I’ve been mixing this Annie’s mango with my new balsamic. It makes for a perfect sweet salad topper!


I’ve also been enjoying the unique flavor of this box of crackers we got at whole foods.

I just love the freedom of making lunch at home. And then I keep remembering that I’ll have to make lunch for eternity once I find a new job:(

The rest of my day looks like this:


And then I’m going to dinner and a bowling party with the school psychology interns and supervisors! Wish me luck, I’m a terrible bowler 🙂