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Good Evening,

I’m currently lying in bed with my monthly stomach ache with my obsession (the song, not the video) on repeat. My new mattress was delivered today! I got just about the cheapest pillowtop I could find, but it still feels better than my old one. And, now I have a guest room: friends please come stay in it.

I spent the day running more errands. They are never-ending. It seems like it only took a few days to get my Boston apartment set up; I don’t know why this one is taking forever. But, I’m making progress and hope to have some pictures by the end of the week. I’m also hoping to fit some relaxation into the week. I’m sad that I basically only have two more days of summer vacation left, but I was pretty pumped when my new boss emailed to make sure I put Thursday’s happy hour on my calender. Maybe working won’t be so bad? Waking up at six will be though. My internal clock is still confused from staying up all night (and because there is no natural light in my bedroom). I’m going to attempt to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow in preparation for Thursday, which means going to bed right now. So goodbye and goodnight.