Forest Breezes

Cooking The Working World

Today’s weather was just perfect. Not too hot or humid, with wonderful breezes – a reminder that fall is right around the corner.

But the air conditioner was blasting in my office and it was a very slow Monday. The highlight of my day was going outside the building to get the mail and having lunch at the wonderful cafe at the law school. All of the food is fresh and local and there are awesome options at a reasonable price. I’ll definitely be going back.

Unfortunately, my stupid zombie body took over during the afternoon and I just felt so lethargic. Why am I the only person in the working world who can’t handle getting up early? I had plans to work out after 5, but opted for a walk around the Washington Duke with a few Fuqua partners instead. The conversation and exercise woke me up a bit and I feel much better after a delightful dinner.


Though I took the easy way out and used a Whole Foods box of Tuscan risotto instead of making my own, this meal rocked. I picked up some jumbo shrimp that was literally straight off the boat truck from the coast and it made the perfect accompaniment to the risotto. I haven’t been feeling green beans lately, but I took the time to saute these in lemon and rosemary and they turned out great. Definitely one of the better dinners I’ve produced in the new kitchen

I’m off to bed friends; I hope you’ve had a splendid Monday.