1. katiedidit

    Mint, on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill is great! Also, since you’re such a beer lover – you should check out Milltown (also in chapel hill)

  2. I think everyone should go to India! I went last year and am going again in October. It’s the most inspiring place (and yes, the food is phenomenal). Totally different than what we’re used to. Also it’s ridiculously affordable!

  3. My fiance went to India a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Hopefully one day we’ll get to go together!

    Also…I could happily replace all of my carbs with naan 🙂

  4. Oh Lord. Going to India for me would probably be even less productive than visiting Europe. Whereas in the latter at least we ran around and saw things in-between feasts, I think I might just eat the entire time I was in India. Oh, and ride an elephant.

  5. Anne

    I was there to visit my sister, who works there. It’s amazing! I’m going back in October… My fiancĂ© is Indian so I’m going for a sari fitting when I’m there!!

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