1. Stephanie C

    I am headed back to school the first week of September! I am not ready – I took summer classes and am volunteering in my spare time. I love school.. but two weeks off in btwn semesters is killer!

  2. Helen

    Yes, more liquid should help. Thankfully I have a newer (digital) crockpot (wedding gift four years ago) and it switches to “warm” after the specified hours on low or high. It then counts UP so you know how long it has been on warm. I then just turn it back to high for maybe 30 minutes before dinner while I cook a side, like the rice in your photo. Then everything is perfect!

  3. This is my second week of school already! (Or, as I told my students on Friday, “One down, 35 to go!”)

    I spent 3 hours in Kohl’s on Sunday & struck out…went across the street to Ann Taylor Loft and found 3 blouses and a pair of trousers in 15 minutes.

  4. Kristin

    I just started teaching high school this week, for year two! And right now I feel too poor for back-to-school shopping, so I’m waiting til sales start, because I LOVE the trends this fall! Glad to see a lot of stuff is back in fashion so I don’t have to drain my bank account though. 🙂 Totally loving some of the shirts and skirts from J.Crew.

  5. Elizabeth

    You should purchase a lamp timer and use it for the crockpot! You can plug your crockpot into the timer, which plugs into the wall, and then set it for when you would like your crockpot to come on! If you leave for work, but want your crockpot to come on an hour later, it will! I only do it for foods that will be safe sitting out a bit – though with the insulated crockpot it stays cold until it comes on. It will also turn off your crockpot when you want!

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