Earthquakes & Artificial Sunsets


Ever been so busy at work that you didn’t notice an earthquake? I’m sad I didn’t feel the quake – it’s all anyone can talk about and I missed it (but don’t wish for another). I worry that one shift in the earth usually means another shift, which usually means a big shift some time in the near future. Scary.

So yeah, work was crazy today. Everything that could have gone wrong with my part of the project did go wrong, so I was frantic for most of the day. I hate feeling overwhelmed, but it’s nice to feel challenged at work. It’s also nice knowing that I’ve already worked out when I come home an hour later than expected. I’m back on the AM workout kick.

This evening was yet another happy hour at Alivia’s – this time for those interested in the field of education. I chatted with a few interesting people, but the turnout wasn’t great. I do enjoy a German riesling though.

Dinner was a little random, but very tasty – just shells and cheese with carrot and broccoli slaw and sweet apple chicken sausage. The sausage was def. the star of the show. And it got me excited for apple season, which is just around the corner.


Remember last night’s promise to go to bed? Didn’t happen. So tonight, I’m testing out the sunset function on my alarm clock (more on that later). When the room gets dark in 30 minutes, I MUST go to bed.

How do you get motivated to actually get in bed? Once I’m in, I get sleepy quickly; it’s just getting myself ready to get to that point that’s tough.

  • Kath
    August 24, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I can’t believe you didn’t feel it!!!