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Monday Musings

Posted on Aug 29, 2011 | 7 comments

-Monday mornings are no fun. Making it to Monday evening is an accomplishment.

-Lately, biking makes me feel like my brain is rattling inside my skull. I went to spinning tonight and now I have a headache in the back of my head. But it was a good class.

-What is it about Don Draper?

-Now that I have cable, I watch House Hunters constantly. I kind of want to move to Melbourne.

-Eating is always the highlight of my work day.

-I really miss living in a city, but I’d also really like a historic Durham bungalow.

-The Help is getting really good!

-It’s hard to believe that summer is over this week:(

-Did anyone see the MTV awards? Who was that little guy with Brittany?

-For the first time in my life, getting up at 6 is more desirable that physical activity after work.

-There’s just something so satisfying about a big pile of pesto pasta.


How was your Monday?


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  1. Kath

    I love posts like this

  2. RhodeyGirl

    I love and hate Don Draper all at the same time. PB and I started watching Mad Men this weekend during the storm and now we are addicted! Just starting season 3…

  3. Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)

    Completely feel the same way about eating is my favorite part of day at work…hahaha.

    Seriously, what was up with Lady Gaga dressing like a dude?

  4. Kori

    Great post!! My Monday was actually good despite having such a wonderful weekend, which didn’t make Monday look too appealing. ;)

  5. Kat

    I’m filing this week in the “Permanent Monday” category, I think. Just….ugh.

  6. Allison

    Funny Monday :P Pesto pasta looks delic! I watch House Hunters all the time too- gives me some good tips for the [very distant] future when I’m looking at homes- that means it’s educational, right [haha]?! Once you finish reading The Help you def need to see the movie, so good!

    P.S. I don’t even want to begin thinking about how summer is already over… Major bummer :/

  7. Ned

    I’m a Melbourne girl who is internationally displaced at the moment. So many great things in that city…especially the food!

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