1. Miranda

    Have you ever tried making salt-and-pepper crumbed fish? My dad taught me. You take a cup or so (depending on how many pieces of fish you’re making) of breadcrumbs and season it to taste with salt and pepper. Then beat an egg, dredge your fish in the egg, then coat with the crumbs. Pan-fry for about ten minutes total or until the fish are cooked. I’ve never actually eaten frozen fish before, but I imagine that the salt-and-pepper crust might help give it a nice kick if you find it a little boring.

    Your run sounds like a heavenly start to the day 🙂 It’s not quite warm enough to drag myself out of the blankets to exercise in the mornings yet… but I’m sure in a month or so I’ll be inspired by your early morning workouts!

  2. I’ve always contemplated picking up one of the frozen fishes from TJ’s but didn’t know how good they would taste… Glad to know they’re worth it, I’ll have to try some! My dinner last night was courtesy of TJ’s [haha], gotta love Joe!

  3. Emily

    The same thing happens to me when I read at lunch and I hate that. In adulthood I started exercising during lunch and it makes my life so much better. I have so much more energy in the afternoon and have my mornings and evenings free. Even if it’s just a 45 minute power walk, I make an effort to do it at least 3 days a week!

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